Please read the following carefully. The following applies to everyone who reads this whitepaper. The ASSEMBLE whitepaper (hereinafter "whitepaper") is written and provided as-is at the time of writing, and any content included may be changed or updated at the discretion of the ASSEMBLE team. There is no guarantee that any content of this whitepaper will remain unchanged in the future.

If there is any doubt about the contents of this whitepaper, consult with an accountant, lawyer, or other professionals before making a purchase.

The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide summarized information and an introduction to ASSEMBLE, including the ASSEMBLE platform, which is under preparation by the ASSEMBLE team. This whitepaper is not legally binding on ASSEMBLE or the ASSEMBLE team, and none of the statements in the whitepaper constitute subscriptions, purchase offers, investment proposals, or investment inducements.

All information and analysis in this whitepaper should not be considered as a basis for investment decisions, nor does it constitute any investment advice or proposals. Any forward-looking statements or data in this whitepaper can change for any reason and may not be accurate. There is no guarantee or promise regarding their content.

The ASSEMBLE team, including its directors, agents, employees, contractors, and sales partners, shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages of any kind arising from the information contained in this document, including: (1) the accuracy and completeness of the contractual content according to the whitepaper; (2) errors or omissions in the whitepaper; (3) inability to access the whitepaper for unspecified reasons; (4) any other damages arising from the use or non-use of the whitepaper. Additionally, the ASSEMBLE team is not liable for any of the following arising from decisions made using the information contained in this document, even if warned in advance or if such damage was foreseeable: (1) monetary damages, including profits, revenue, liabilities, and any other form of financial loss; (2) losses of income, sales, capital, liabilities, or any other business-related financial loss; (3) loss or damage of data; (4) incidental or special damages; (5) wasted or lost management time; (6) indirect or consequential damages.

The content of the ongoing ASSEMBLE project and the content of this whitepaper may change due to market changes, technological developments, and changes in ICO or token regulations. However, the ASSEMBLE team is not obligated to inform or report to readers about events, platforms, future plans, estimates, or changes within the margin of error stated in this whitepaper.

The information on legal, tax, regulatory, financial, and accounting matters in this whitepaper does not constitute advice. The purchase of ASSEMBLE tokens may result in material losses for purchasers, including the material assets paid for the purchase of ASSEMBLE tokens. Before purchasing ASSEMBLE tokens, purchasers are advised to consult experts in tax, regulation, finance, and law about the potential risks, returns, and consequences of ASSEMBLE token transactions.

It is the sole responsibility of the ASSEMBLE token purchaser to determine whether the acquisition and disposal of ASSEMBLE tokens in their legal jurisdiction may result in income tax or other legal implications, including foreign exchange regulations.

The publication and distribution of this whitepaper are prohibited in countries where such actions are forbidden. The information in this whitepaper has not been reviewed or approved by any regulatory authority, and any actions violating the law have no effect on the ASSEMBLE team. The publication and distribution of this whitepaper do not guarantee that all regulatory requirements of the country in which it is issued have been met.

The official materials about ASSEMBLE are this whitepaper, which is written in Korean. This whitepaper may be translated into other languages and used for verbal or written communication with prospective and existing purchasers, during which some information may be misunderstood, misinterpreted, or lost. Therefore, the accuracy of such alternative communications cannot be guaranteed. In the event of such inaccuracies, the information in this official whitepaper written in Korean shall take precedence.

All contents of the whitepaper are protected by copyright. You may download or print individual sections of the whitepaper only for personal use or other proprietary notices. Without the prior written permission of the ASSEMBLE team, the whitepaper may not be wholly or partially reproduced, electronically copied, or used for public or commercial purposes.

Investment Risks

The ASSEMBLE team warns purchasers about various types of risks, including the potential for losses equivalent to the purchase price of ASSEMBLE tokens. The accuracy of the risk or uncertainty information written below is not guaranteed. Purchasers are considered to have agreed to recognize the risk that ASSEMBLE tokens are bought and held without any form of guarantee.

Blockchain Risk: Transactions may be delayed or invalidated due to blockchain system congestion. The smart contracts responsible for issuing and distributing ASSEMBLE tokens are based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The Ethereum protocol may have weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and various bugs, including those causing ASSEMBLE tokens to be lost, may occur. Such Ethereum blockchain issues may cause material damage to the ASSEMBLE team and ASSEMBLE token purchasers.

Personal Information Risk: The user's personal information is required for the distribution and control of ASSEMBLE tokens in the purchaser's electronic wallet. If personal information is leaked, the ASSEMBLE tokens in the purchaser's electronic wallet may be exposed. Moreover, a third party may access the purchaser's electronic wallet and steal ASSEMBLE tokens due to personal information leakage.

Security Risk: Like all other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is vulnerable to mining attacks such as ‘double-spending attacks’ or ’51% attacks.’ Hackers or other malicious groups may attack the ASSEMBLE team or ASSEMBLE tokens using such methods, and successful blockchain attacks could significantly impact ASSEMBLE token transactions and the tokens themselves.

Electronic Wallet Compatibility Risk: To purchase or store ASSEMBLE tokens, you must use an electronic wallet that is technically compatible with ASSEMBLE tokens. If you use a different wallet, you may not be able to access the ASSEMBLE tokens you have purchased.

Force Majeure Risk: ASSEMBLE is still under development, and the ASSEMBLE team will strive to develop and maintain ASSEMBLE as written in the whitepaper. However, various changes in legal, design, technical, and administrative regulations, among other reasons, may occur in the details. The ASSEMBLE team is exempt from liability for any damage to ASSEMBLE token value, loss, or liquidity caused by force majeure factors such as changes in regulatory frameworks or required licenses and taxation policies, the emergence of platforms or open sources that negatively affect the ASSEMBLE team or ASSEMBLE, market disinterest, and other similar circumstances.

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