Market Analysis

The cryptocurrency market is characterized by rapid growth and high volatility, making it difficult for retail investors to make quick and accurate decisions due to market issues. While AI has made innovations in many fields, it still lacks innovative products in the journalism sector. Current AI startups remain at the stage of news writing and summarization. Assemble AI aims to occupy a differentiated position in the journalism market and lead innovation by performing the following market analysis.

Loss of Competitiveness of Traditional News Media

Traditional news media is still stuck in the past, mainly due to:

  • Ad-dependent Business Model: Traditional news media rely mainly on banner ads and promotional articles. This business model distracts readers and leads to incorrect judgments. The overwhelming number of ads causes confusion, resulting in a decline in the credibility of traditional news media.

  • Decline in Reliability: Promotional articles often lack objectivity, which can be perceived as unreliable information by readers. This issue weakens the competitiveness of traditional news media.

  • Biased News: Sometimes, readers encounter biased news based on contributors' or media's interests. Biased news distorts facts and confuses readers based on interests. In contrast, trained AI is designed to be fact-based and always maintain a neutral stance without conflicts of interest.

Lack of AI Journalism

While artificial intelligence has made innovations in many fields, there is still a lack of innovative products in the journalism sector.

  • Early-stage AI Startups: Currently, some startups use AI for news writing and summarization services, but none provide in-depth analysis and predictive capabilities. Investors want data-driven insights.

  • Lack of Journalism Innovation Projects: Particularly in the crypto market, there are no journalism innovation projects, providing a new opportunity. Assemble AI can position itself as the first journalism innovation project in this market situation.

Technical Difficulties and Barriers to Entry

AI-based journalism projects have the following technical difficulties and barriers to entry:

  • Model Training: Training and optimizing high-performance AI models require advanced techniques such as large-scale data set collection, refinement, and data optimization.

  • Large-scale Data Set Collection and Processing: The process of collecting and training on vast data from the cryptocurrency market is a significant challenge. This requires efficient data processing systems and sophisticated algorithms. Assemble AI has been performing large-scale data set collection, data refinement, and data optimization for 11 years prior to the Assemble project.

  • Prompt Design and Fine-tuning: Optimized prompt design and AI model fine-tuning are highly complex tasks requiring high expertise, making it difficult for latecomers to follow.

  • Cost Issues: Without optimized prompt design and fine-tuning and data processing capabilities, it becomes difficult to manage the operating costs of AI models, which ultimately results in passing costs onto users.

Differentiated Revenue Model

Assemble AI plans to enhance its competitiveness in the market by introducing the following differentiated revenue model:

  • Creating an Ad-free Environment: Prioritizing user experience by removing unnecessary ads and providing an environment focused on important information.

  • Informational and Targeted Ads: Generating revenue through informative and targeted ads beneficial to users without compromising the user experience.

Development of Proprietary Services and Cost Structure Improvement

Assemble AI plans to develop proprietary services that latecomers cannot easily replicate and improve its cost structure to secure a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Unique Technological Advantage: Provides differentiated value through advanced features such as deep news analysis, sentiment analysis, and market prediction based on trained AI.

  • Efficient Cost Management: Efficiently manages the costs of data processing and AI model operation to minimize user burden.

  • Continuous Technological Innovation: Maintains a leading position in the market through continuous technological development and innovation.

Similar AI Services

The companies providing similar services to Assemble AI in the cryptocurrency market are as follows.

Messari AIKaito AI0xscope AI (scope chat)Assemble AI

AI Features

Real-time news, project news collection and summarization

Project summaries

Conversational AI responding to crypto-related questions

Real-time news summaries, news insights, news translation


AI Digest - Summarizes watchlist news, provides newsletters

Project summaries - AI summarizes latest project info (news, community updates, market data)

AI project analysis - Detailed reports and investment indices based on comprehensive project data (market, on-chain data, news, community updates)

AI insight - Using artificial intelligence inference capabilities, provide sentiment analysis, past case analysis and market predictions, market data, Ripple Effect, and investment strategies.


$99 / per month

$1,099 / per month

$19.8 / per month


Main Users

Institutions, professional investors

Institutions, professional investors

All market participants

All market participants


Point72 Ventures (Steve Cohen), Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, Blockchain Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Gemini Frontier Fund, Kraken Ventures

Jane Street, Dragonfly, Sequoia, Startan, Mirana, Hashkey, Caradan, Folius Ventures

HashKey Capital, Redpoint China, OKX Ventures, GSR Markets, Amber Group, Antalpha, Main Quad Capital, Mask Network, Hash Global, XIN Family

DWF Labs


Currently, 0xscope AI and Assemble AI are the only companies in the crypto market capable of using trained AI models' inference abilities to provide market predictions and investment strategies.

Assemble AI has significantly reduced AI model operating costs through optimized prompt design and data processing capabilities. Based on this, it uses OpenAI's latest model, GPT-4o, as its engine and can offer AI services to retail investors worldwide for free.


The cryptocurrency market faces rapid growth and issues such as information asymmetry, high volatility, and the limitations of traditional media. Assemble AI aims to address these problems by leveraging AI technology to provide reliable information and introduce innovative journalism services. Assemble AI's unique technology and differentiated revenue model will strengthen its market competitiveness and contribute to improving the transparency and efficiency of the cryptocurrency market by providing better information to users.

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