Solutions & Key Features

To address various issues such as the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market, information asymmetry, high volatility, the limitations of retail investors, and the limitations of traditional media, Assemble AI provides the following solutions and key features:

1. Solving Information Overload & Lack of Time and Resources

  • News Summary: Assemble AI uses artificial intelligence to instantly collect and quickly analyze thousands of news articles and analysis reports from major media. AI summarizes the key content in an easily understandable language, helping investors to quickly and easily understand vast amounts of information.

  • Customized News Feed: A personalized news feed is provided to each investor according to their interests and investment strategies, allowing them to efficiently obtain the most important information.

2. Overcoming Regional and Language Differences

  • Multilingual Support: Assemble AI provides key summaries and insights in nine languages without delay, allowing global investors to quickly obtain important information without language barriers. This improves information accessibility and reduces information asymmetry caused by language and regional differences.

3. Responding to High Volatility and Overcoming the Limitations of Retail Investors

  • Market Predictions and Investment Strategies: Assemble AI uses artificial intelligence inference capabilities to provide market predictions and investment strategies. By analyzing past data and current market trends, AI offers predictions on future trend changes, supporting investors in making more strategic decisions.

  • Sentiment Analysis: Through sentiment analysis of news and social media posts, Assemble AI provides insights to understand market sentiment and respond to volatility. This helps investors understand the market atmosphere and respond appropriately.

4. Overcoming the Limitations of Traditional Media

  • Ad-Free Environment: Assemble AI provides an environment without banner ads, allowing users to focus on important information. This increases readers' concentration and enhances the reliability of information.

  • Fair Articles: Assemble AI uses trained models to block indiscriminate promotional articles and provide fair and objective articles, helping investors obtain accurate information without confusion. The trained AI is designed to be fact-based and always maintain a neutral stance without conflicts of interest.

5. Key Features

  • Fast Delivery of News: It quickly gathers and provides market trends by collecting news as soon as it is produced by major media.

  • Easy Understanding of News: artificial intelligence summarizes the key points of news in easily understandable terms.

  • News Analysis: Trained artificial intelligence analyzes news and generates insights, which consist of key content, sentiment analysis, past case analysis & market predictions, ripple effect, and investment strategies. This helps investors make data-driven decisions.

  • Improved News Accessibility: News feeds and insights are provided in nine languages, improving news accessibility.

  • User-Customized Feed: News feeds by media outlet, asset, and watchlist are provided, and full article search functionality is supported.


Through these various functions, Assemble AI effectively addresses the problems of the cryptocurrency market, providing investors with reliable information and analysis tools to support smarter decision-making. This will ultimately contribute to enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the cryptocurrency market.

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