The ultimate goal of Assemble AI is to establish a leading position in the cryptocurrency journalism field. To achieve this, Assemble AI provides quick and easy comprehension of market trends and uses artificial intelligence inference capabilities to analyze market trends, helping market participants make data-driven decisions.

To accomplish these goals, Assemble AI has set the following specific objectives:

Address Information Asymmetry

One of the main issues in the cryptocurrency market is information asymmetry. Assemble AI helps retail investors quickly and easily understand and accurately analyze the information they need to make the right decisions. This allows retail investors to access the same level of information as professional investors.

Provide Advanced Analysis and Predictions

Assemble AI leverages artificial intelligence's inference capabilities to develop advanced analytical tools and predictive models, helping users accurately understand market trends and predict the future. This enables investors to make better decisions and effectively respond to market volatility.

Enhance Global Accessibility

Assemble AI offers multilingual support, enabling global investors to access the latest information without language barriers. News translated into over nine languages ensures that investors from various regional backgrounds can quickly obtain the same information. More languages will be added in the future to benefit a broader range of users.

Provide Personalized User Experience

Customized news feeds and real-time alert systems provide information tailored to each investor's interests and needs. This allows users to quickly grasp the most important news and data for them and make informed decisions based on it.

Build a Differentiated Revenue Model

Assemble AI offers an ad-free environment and an interface that allows users to focus on reading articles, providing the best user experience. Additionally, it builds a differentiated revenue model utilizing informative and targeted advertising and token economy, creating sustainable revenue without compromising user experience.

Develop Proprietary Technology

Assemble AI continually innovates to develop unique services that latecomers cannot easily replicate. By training high-performance AI models, collecting and refining large-scale datasets, designing optimized prompts, and fine-tuning models, Assemble AI secures a competitive edge. This ensures the best services for users at all times.

Lead the Market and Increase Recognition

Assemble AI aims to establish a leading position in the cryptocurrency journalism field and increase global recognition. It actively conducts marketing and promotional activities to build a global community. We aim to grow into a global crypto journal.

Contribute to Education and Public Good

Assemble AI enhances understanding of the cryptocurrency market and educates retail investors to improve their investment capabilities. This helps investors participate in the market more safely and efficiently, contributing to the healthy development of the overall market.


The goal of Assemble AI is to lead innovation in the cryptocurrency journalism field and provide reliable information to investors to support more informed decisions. To achieve this, Assemble AI aims to address information asymmetry, provide advanced analysis and predictions, enhance global accessibility, provide personalized user experiences, build innovative revenue models, develop proprietary technology, lead the market and increase recognition, and contribute to education and public good. Through these objectives, Assemble AI will contribute to improving transparency and efficiency in the cryptocurrency market.

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