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Welcome! We have gathered all the documents you need to step closer to the world of Assemble AI in one place.

Assemble AI is an artificial intelligence-based news agent and the first journalism innovation project.

The goal of this project is to quickly and easily understand market trends and analyze these trends using AI inference capabilities to help market participants make data-driven decisions.

This document collection is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Assemble AI and to provide resources necessary for users to use news agent more efficiently. Each document explains various aspects of Assemble AI in detail and is written to help users maximize the value of news agent.

DOCS Content

  • Roadmap: Details the development plans and future goals of Assemble AI. It includes short-term and long-term goals, upcoming updates, and project milestones, sharing our vision.

  • Use Cases: Guides how to effectively utilize the various features and services of Assemble AI.

  • Token Economics: Provides explanations of the ASM token structure and economic model. It includes the uses, distribution, and business model of the token, helping to understand the financial foundation of the project.

  • Other Documents: Offers detailed information on Assemble AI's brand identity, design elements, legal terms, privacy policy, and cookie policy. These documents provide the standards and guidelines necessary for all activities related to Assemble AI.

Commitment to Users

The Assemble team will continuously strive to keep all information related to news agent up-to-date and make it easy for users to find the materials they need. We value user feedback and plan to continuously improve and expand the document collection based on your opinions.

Participation and Contribution

The Assemble ecosystem grows and develops through user participation and contribution. Your comments, suggestions, and questions about the document collection are always welcome. Together, let's make Assemble AI a stronger and more useful news agent.

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In Conclusion

Through these documents, we hope you gain a deep understanding of news agent's functions and fully leverage the various opportunities in the crypto market. With Assemble AI, even the complex crypto market will become easier to understand and more accessible.

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