Brand Guide


The primary purpose of the Assemble AI Brand Guide is to clearly communicate the platform's identity and core values, providing a consistent visual language for all brand-related activities and materials to deliver an integrated brand experience. This guide aims to manage and strengthen Assemble AI's external image by setting essential standards and guidelines, thereby enhancing brand recognition, building user trust, and increasing competitiveness in the market. Additionally, this guide is designed to effectively communicate Assemble AI's vision and mission, ensuring all stakeholders can easily understand and apply the brand identity.


  • CIRCLE: Represents the Assemble community and governance.

  • TRIANGLE: Symbolizes the "A" in AI and the first letter of Assemble.

  • ARROWS: Indicate the co-growth of the Assemble Token (ASM) and the Assemble community.

Margin and Minimum Usage Regulations

  • Margin: Ensure a margin around the logo equivalent to at least 1/4 of the logo's height to maintain readability and brand quality.

  • Minimum Size: The logo should be used at a minimum width of 10mm to clearly express its details.

Margin Guide

  • Minimum Usage Regulations

Color Composition

  • Primary Colors: White (#FFFFFF) and Black (#000000) are used as the main colors. These colors visually express innovation and professionalism.

  • Logo Composition Based on Background Color

Usage Examples

Usage Examples

  • Digital Media: Enhance the digital presence of the Assemble AI brand by prominently placing the logo on website headers, mobile app splash screens, and social media profile images. This ensures a consistent brand image across various digital platforms.

  • Print Media: Use the Assemble AI logo and brand colors on business cards, pamphlets, and report covers to emphasize professionalism and reliability. This enhances the quality of materials and increases brand recognition.

  • Office Signage and Billboards: Apply the Assemble AI logo on office entrance nameplates, conference room signs, and exhibition booth billboards to express the brand's physical presence. This clearly conveys the brand identity to visitors and partners, emphasizing a professional image.

  • Social Media Campaigns: Utilize the logo in social media campaign images, banners, and the start of videos to maintain consistency in campaign messages. This plays a crucial role in effectively delivering the brand message and increasing brand awareness.

  • Product and Service Interfaces: Consistently apply the Assemble AI logo and brand colors in user interface designs to strengthen the clarity of the brand identity and consistency of the user experience. This ensures that users feel connected to the brand whenever they use Assemble AI's products and services.

These usage examples illustrate various application methods in accordance with the Assemble AI brand guidelines, reinforcing the brand's visual identity and contributing to a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

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